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Report 2020

As a regional grid operator in the Netherlands, Enexis is responsible for the provision of reliable, safe energy to millions of customers across the country. At the same time, they work to help companies optimize their energy supply, stimulate energy savings, and invest in energy systems of the future.

Facts and Figures


  • 1 complete overview on how Enexis create and add value
  • Committed to 49% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, relative to 1990, as co‑signatory of Dutch Climate Agreement
  • 3 theme pages based on priorities essential to reinforce their strategy

The 2020 report has a highly visual, narrative‑led style. The landscape design is ideal to showcase the large images, comprehensive and clear infographics and overviews, and attractive theme pages. The report is structured according to Enexis value-adding activities: customers and grids, sustainable operations, safety and expertise, and its financial position.

How DartReport added value



  • We provided strategic advice on the structure and flow of the content and were responsible for the concept, design, and execution of the report.
  • Enexis were able to fully control their annual report content using CORE, DartReport’s content management system.

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