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Reports 2020

SPIE Nederland is one of the Netherland's biggest technical suppliers within the electric installations industry. It is part of French-multinational SPIE, Société Parisienne pour l’Industrie Electrique: a multi-technical services company active in the areas of energy and communications.

SPIE Nederland
Facts and Figures



  • 41% Green Share
  • €6.6 billion turnover
  • 45,500 employees worldwide

SPIE Nederland’s strategic objective for the next three years focuses on being ‘Unmistakably green’ throughout the entire chain; from its internal operations, to its position within the market, as well as all purchases and supplies. A better future through innovation and sustainability is what lies at this strategic basis. SPIE wanted its annual magazine to highlight the realization of this future-proof strategy across the organization, focusing on employee interviews, client projects, development support and this year’s milestones.

How DartReport added value


• We were responsible for the entire concept, design and execution of the annual magazine, providing strategic and content-related advice, supporting on all copywriting, and creating illustrations linked to the company’s style.

• We created more of a ‘magazine feel’ than ever before and refreshed the design for SPIE’s pillar-related projects: smart city, efficient buildings, energies, and industry services.



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