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Report 2019

TenneT were Europe’s first cross-border grid operator. Today, they design, build, maintain and operate the high-voltage electricity grid across the Netherlands and large parts of Germany, helping to facilitate the European energy market.

Facts and Figures

  • 7 consecutive years of integrated online reporting
  • 4,900 employees
  • 41 million end users

We produced Tennet’s 2019 integrated annual report, themed: Energise our people and organization. As a grid operator, TenneT plays a vital role in society, and has an enormous responsibility to the people who use its services.

The company wanted its 2019 report to provide every stakeholder, both internal and external, with a clear picture of the year's main developments, emphasizing the most important material aspects.

How DartReport added value

  • We were responsible for the concept, design and execution of the complete report, providing strategic and content-related direction. 
  • We produced an eye-catching and attractive one-page summary online, that provided stakeholders with the key highlights and easy access to the full PDF version.
  • TenneT were able to fully control their annual report content using CORE, DartReport’s content management system.


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