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Integrated Annual Report 2021

ABN AMRO serves clients in retail, private banking, and corporate banking, focusing primarily on Northwest Europe. With the clear purpose Banking for better, for generations to come, ABN AMRO is supporting their clients to make the shift to an inclusive, circular and sustainable society. ABN AMRO’s goal is to create long term value for all their stakeholders.

Facts and Figures


• Just under 20.000 employees globally
• 6 capitals form the backbone of the bank's value creation model
• The strategy review sets out a clear vision: to be a personal bank in a digital age

How DartReport added value:

In 2021, ABN AMRO published a fully annual integrated report, based on the 3 pillars of their strategy. 


We introduced a new concept design based on 2020, with reader’s guides to make the whole report more accessible. Also we added a few new design features to increase the connectivity between all the reports within the ABN AMRO reporting suite.  


In addition to the annual Integrated Report and the Pillar 3 report, we also developed their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports, including the Social Impact and Human Rights update and Impact Report.  

Social Impact & Human Rights Update


ABN AMRO's Social Impact & Human Rights Update shows the acceleration on social sustainability – where they make a contribution to society, supporting vulnerable groups. This report describes their efforts on both their “do no harm” activities (the human rights efforts) and how they “do good” to realise a positive impact in society.

How DartReport added value:


We were responsible for the concept, design and DTP ofthe report, and provided advice on the structure and onintegrated reporting.

Alongside the annual report, we also developed the agendafor the shareholders’ meeting and the semi-annual reports. 


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