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Annual Report 2021

ASMI is a leading, global supplier of semiconductor wafer process equipment. With semiconductor chips at the heart of almost every electronic device we use today, their customers include the world’s top semiconductor device manufacturers.

Facts and Figures



  • 34% revenue increase in 2021
  • 2,250 patents in force 
  • Operations in 14 countries 
  • Total workforce increase of 28% 

The 2021 report reflects the success of ASMI

2021 was the fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth for ASMI. With their technology, and underpinned by their values – We Care, We Innovate, We Deliver – ASM continues to help move the industry roadmap forward, driving innovation in the electronics market and improving people’s lives.


The 2021 report’s theme reflects ASMI’s drive to invest in innovation and expansion, sharpen sustainability focus, and delivering strong growth. With ASMI’s people as key asset.
2021 was ASMI’s most successful year for talent acquisition, with a total increase of 28%.

How DartReport added value

We were responsible for the strategic direction, the concept, design, imagery, and execution of the report, published as a one-page summary with key highlights and easy access to the full PDF version. 

As of 2020, ASMI’s annual report complies with the ESEF reporting requirements and is available in both HTML and PDF. Dart once again guided ASMI in this process of publishing.

We also developed the branding and communication for the Annual General Meeting.


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