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Corporate Reporting


The corporate reporting market contains a number of effective tools that can simplify the creation process and increase efficiency. Tools that can streamline development and improve visibility, collaboration, cost efficiency and communication.

But how do you select the technology that best fits your needs? We can help you identify the right match, based on your requirements and our tool comparison equation.

Assessing which tool works for you involves looking at:



For all reports in the corporate reporting mix, strong design is essential to engage stakeholders, increase accessibility and create impact. 
Using visual themes across reports, documents and publications can increase connectivity and interaction, while a well-designed report will reinforce the company's identity and brings your value creation story to life. However, it’s important to remember that an elaborate design approach will impact the level of automation you can introduce to the reporting process.




Sharing information and working together on the same document can save time and improve quality. Depending on your ambition level, you can opt for a basic tool or a fully integrated data and workflow tool. The more extensive collaboration tools are strongly content driven, and usually require other software programs to produce a well-designed PDF or website.



Most companies have a multi-channel publishing approach for their reporting mix. This ranges from print first to online first. For design-focused reports, the PDF will lead, and may include a condensed website. 

An online-first approach is based on using predefined templates for the variety of web pages. While this limits design freedom and results in similar pages and elements, the advantage is the speed with which the report can be published after the last correction round.




We have developed an online workflow tool that combines the elements outlined above, which enables customers to manage and audit the content of their annual report independently. 
Called CORE (Corporate Online Reporting), the tool simplifies the reporting process, offers extensive version management, and includes state-of-the-art security. 

Despite offering our own tool, we always provide customers with tool-independent advice.

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