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Reports 2021

Active in recruitment and placement since 1987, today YER is a leading international player in the market for both temporary and permanent jobs, focusing on those with university-level qualifications. Based in Amsterdam, the company operates throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States.

Facts and Figures


  • Offices and operations in 3 countries around the world
  • Annual revenues of approximately €200 million
  • 9% increase of posted professionals

This year's theme, ‘Ambition in motion’ is widely showcased within the annual report, consisting both of many more interviews and new photography, highlighting YER's professionals and their ambitions as the backbone of the company.

During its second COVID-19 year, in 2021 YER dared to invest in growth and in attracting new talent. This resulted in a 60% increase on its annual EBIT.

How DartReport added value


DartGroup was entitled this year to embed YER’s latest brand refresh within the annual report. The impact of this roll-out is visualized by a moving forward, landscape setup (with a side navigation bar in the digital version), a new enriched color palette and photography that is fully dedicated and centered around YER’s team itself.

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